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Pandora Professional Consulting provides innovative and practical workshops that contribute to an inclusive knowledge-based society. Sessions focus on the principle of life-long learning for educators, business, and community leaders.

Anger Management – Coping with Conflict

Explore how to cope with anger both with others and within ourselves, and how to defuse and manage anger in the work place and at home.

Building Rapport with Effective Communication Skills

Develop and improve communication skills with colleagues and associates.

Conflict Resolution: Building the Bridges

Identify personal repertoire of conflict-handling skills such as: competition, collaboration, compromise, avoidance and accommodation.

Discipline with Dignity: A Motivational Approach to Classroom Management

Enhance professional knowledge and skills through training, and promote a culture of dialogue that supports experimentation and reflection on practice.

Global Education for Gender Equality

Deepen understanding about gender equality in the global context.

Making Connections: The Teacher and the Substitute

Understand one another’s roles and take advantage of each other’s skills, expertise and resources to ensure a productive day for teachers and students.

Peace of Poetry – It’s Only the Beginning

Empower your students! Empower yourself! Read, write, listen, speak and feel how peace poetry affects our well-being.

Service-Learning and Sustained Citizenship Skills

Provide an environment in which students can acquire organizational, team, problem-solving, and other skills, attitudes, and capabilities necessary for future work and learning.

Strategies for Success – for Substitute Teachers

Designed by substitute teachers especially for substitute teachers, addresses both simple and complex behaviour management issues.

Volunteers: Recruitment, Retention & Management

Improve strategies for volunteer recruitment and retention, and establish effective management techniques specifically designed for volunteers.

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About the Facilitator

Darryl Smolik, BEd, MEd; Leadership Studies - Adult Education, Community Development

Professional speaker, teacher and active community member, Darryl facilitates numerous workshops to teachers, business and community organizations.


Darryl Smolik

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